Business Plan Ideas Examples

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in the early stages is to solve a problem nobody has.Taking some time to explain the problem with factual evidence shows you’ve done the research.If your city doesn’t have a good pizza shop, this can be just as much of a “problem” – at least, in the context of a business plan.

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A traditional 20-30 page paper business plan is generally only needed when requested from a bank or investor.

Then, illustrate the process with a simple graphic like the one above.

Entrepreneur Patrick Fitz Gerald explains this in more detail, and provides more examples, in this video lecture.

Getting specific about your target market shows self-awareness.

Claiming your target market for Bob’s Pizza Shop is is a bit more assuring, especially if you go on to explain how your zip code has a high concentration of this demographic.

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  1. Exaggeration is also used to move the reader into the writer's realm. The use of personal pronouns can draw the readers into the material that you are writing and make them feel more involved immediately.

  2. When using numerical data with decimals, make sure that the decimal points line up. Tables should be labeled with a number preceding the table title; tables and figures are labeled independently of one another.