Business Plan For Video Production Company

If you want collaboration, then you need to collaborate with them. Conduct a simple follow up with every customer after the project is closed out, asking them on a scale of 1-10, how likely are they to recomend their experience to their peers.

The most important place to do this is in your sales systems, so that your revenues become predictable and you can scale them at-will by adjusting your sales & marketing expenditure.

If you hire someone who doesn't fit your culture, you have just eroded it.

5) People who share your company values almost certainly associate with other people who share those values. Even if they're not looking to make a move, or you're not hiring, or not hiring for a position they could fill, make the connection anyway, and keep in touch.

Refocus sales & marketing efforts on attracting higher-end clients or doing more work for your best existing clients.

You might lose some clients, but usually when a business raises prices, the clients they lose are the most troublesome ones.

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