Business Plan For Microbrewery

The LLC business structure provides the limited liability features you would find in a corporation.

The Small Business Administration has all of the details about these common small business structures and others. So, the protections an LLC offers may be a better fit than a sole proprietorship.

In our guide on how to start a small business, we suggest that aspiring entrepreneurs choose a niche for the best chance at success.

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Before you can start to seriously plan your own craft beer business, you need to understand the end goal that you’re aiming for.Here’s some info on each to help you decide which is the right fit for you…It’s important to note that each state in the US defines its own alcohol laws.Alcohol production, distribution, and sales are all heavily shaped by laws.The alcohol industry is overseen at the federal level by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau or “TTB.” It’s important that you know and abide by all existing federal laws governing beer and alcohol.But, they do serve as a necessary starting point to help you get your business off the ground.The alcohol industry is governed at both the federal and state level.The result was a 3-tiered system separating alcohol producers, distributors, and retailers.This system is still in place in most states today.For more information about how to create a business plan, the Small Business Administration has you covered.Click here to see their complete guide to writing a business plan.

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