Business Plan For Home Health Care

The development of SP encourages the participation and commitment of the entire HO in achieving the planned results, thus becoming an important element in institutional cohesion.

Finally, an organization that has good SP and applies it consistently offers a serious and credible external image (corporate reputation).

La planificación estratégica es una herramienta con plena vigencia y utilidad en la dirección de todo tipo de organizaciones, incluidas las organizaciones sanitarias.

El nivel de la organización al que el proceso de planificación estratégica es pertinente es función del tamaño de la unidad, de su complejidad y de la diferenciación del servicio que se presta.

Un servicio de cardiología o una unidad de electrofisiología o de hemodinámica pueden ser un nivel adecuado siempre que su plan se alinee con otros eventualmente existente en niveles superiores.

Es el líder de cada unidad el responsable de promover el proceso de planificación, como parte esencial y nuclear de su función.

Strategic planning is the systematic and organized process whereby an organization creates a document indicating the way it plans to progress from its current situation to the desired future situation.However, in changing or turbulent environments, the risk of failure is obviously greater when no plan exists.Two common errors are not involving the right people and not addressing the really relevant issues due to their being too burdensome or complex.Strategic planning is definitely not a bed of roses.It is expensive, especially in the amount of time invested by members at different levels of the organization, and may seem very tedious or a waste of time.This role is frequently conferred on trivial matters, which should be avoided to prevent misuse of the term.Secondly, the term “strategic” should only be associated with the medium- and long-term future (3 years or more) in contrast to the term “operational”, which applies to a time horizon of 1 year or less.The strategy is a means that the organization chooses in order to move from its current situation to a desired situation in the future”.that should be placed on anything considered to have a strategic role.El proceso para la planificación estratégica es programable, sistemático, racional y holístico e integra el largo, medio y corto plazo, lo que permite orientar la organización sanitaria hacia transformaciones relevantes y duraderas para el futuro.Strategic planning is a completely valid and useful tool for guiding all types of organizations, including healthcare organizations.

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