Business Plan Bed And Breakfast Critical Thinking In College

Contact the Ontario Fire Marshal: Ontario Fire Marshal Regional Offices When your business uses recorded music, you are responsible for obtaining the right licence(s) for that use.

Contact the following organization for more information: Entandem Organizations that use music are legally required to obtain applicable RE: SOUND and SOCAN licences.

Contact your local Public Health Unit: Public Health Unit Locations As a provider of accommodations you will likely need to meet additional requirements under the to ensure the safety of your guests.

You can contact your local Fire Department and Municipal Building Department to make sure that your business premises meets all local safety requirements.

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Contact us: 1-888-576-4444 Permits and licences search You may wish to contact your local municipality to verify how your B&B business will be classified and what regulations will apply to you (for example, you may need a Food Handler licence).

In some cases, you may have private rooms with private bathrooms, or several private rooms with shared bathrooms.

B&Bs generally emphasize a high level of personalized customer service and will often be connected to local tourist attractions.

Additionally, most municipalities also require a building permit before alterations or new construction begins.

It is important to check zoning regulations before signing any binding contracts and to obtain the necessary building permit(s) before beginning alterations or new construction.

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