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MLA Sample Citations: Note- initially no indent and then following lines indented. The Key: How Corporations Succeed by Solving the World’s Toughest Problems.

The Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) have both created standard formats for formatting research papers and citing sources.

Since it is not specifically designed for student papers, some alteration of the official style may be necessary in completing your assignment.

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The Key: How Corporations Succeed by Solving the World’s Toughest Problems. If no date is available, type "n.d." in the parentheses. How to cite online references." Only the first word of the article title and any proper nouns are capitalized. Enter the day first, followed by the abbreviated month and then the year. 2008." If no date is available, enter "n.d." Type in the medium you accessed the article through, in this case the Web, followed by a period. Enter the title of the article after the date, followed by a period. Type in the title of the online periodical in italics, followed by a comma and then the volume number followed by a period. If an article created on January 4, 2008 was found on USA University's website, it would appear as: "Smith, John. For an explicit definition of plagiarism, see the Boston University Academic Conduct Code. For detailed instructions on how to cite within the text of your paper, please consult a style manual listed below. “Company Profile: Apple Inc., 19 September 2014.” Market Line Report via Business Source Complete. News & World Report Profile.” SRDS Media Solutions. Form 10-K for the Fiscal Year Ended September 28, 2013. There are other styles for formatting papers, but these are two of the most common. Many instructors have a preference between MLA and APA, and they'll tell you which they expect to see in your papers.The resources below will help you format your paper and cite your sources correctly. If not, choose whichever one makes you feel the most comfortable. The Modern Language Association has created formatting and citation guidelines for both students and advanced writers.The format to cite a Web reference is slightly different between the two. She is now a mom of three and home schools her two oldest children.Enter the author of your online source flush with the left margin. If the article has a Digital Object identifier, or DOI, include that number rather than the Web address. Runzel holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication from University of the Pacific.

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