Business Math Lesson Plans

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I am currently teaching this main lesson block, February 2017.

A community board oversees the operation while students learn how to run a business.

“I know what to put on the shelves, how to put it on the shelves, how to finance, how to get grants, marketing and advertising,” said eighth grader Lizzy Hooper.

Equivalent Forms - Ratios, Fractions, Decimals, Percent Activities from Hands-On Math: Ready to Use Games and Activities for Grades 4-8 are always presented in groups of three carefully scaffolded activities, starting with "concrete action," moving to "pictorial action," and ending with "cooperative groups." Construct Bar Graphs Where Each Cell Represents Multiple Units "Scaling Down" on p.408 "Changing the Scale" on p.410 "Graphing with Large Numbers" on p.412 Construct Line Graphs "Tracking Changes" on p.413 "Making a Line Graph Record" on p.415 "Bottles Up!

" on p.415 Find the Mode of a Given Set of Data "What's the Favorite? " on p.425 "Mode Detectors" on p.426 Find the Mean of a Given Set of Data "Fair Shares" on p.427 "Drawing Fair Shares" on p.428 "Mean Fling" on p.430 Find the Median for a Given Set of Data "Who's in the Middle?

Note: Jamie York recommends this book and lists the contents of this main lesson in bullet points in his middle school math book (pp.22-26), also nothing that "what is listed here is too much to cover in one main lesson, and therefore much of the material on percents will need to be continued in the track class." By this he means an afternoon math class which meets a few days a week through the school year to continue practicing the content of the main lessons in math.Superintendent Todd Chessmore of Cody-Kilgore Unified Schools said adults are involved, but the kids run just about everything.He said without the students there’s a good chance Circle C would go out of and surprisingly challenging Skill #2 - Determining a Certain Percent of a Given Number (ex: what is 20% of 400?) practice problems: Percent of a Number Guided Practice (for his strategy #3) Skill #3 - Determining a Percentage (ex: 320 is what percent of 400?" on p.431 "Median Hunt" on p.432 "Median Spin" on p.437 Construct Circle Graphs "Surveying with Circles" on p.443 "Hub and Spokes" on p.444 "Graphing with Angles" on p.448 Note: I am really proud of our graphing exercise the last time I taught this block and I highly recommend coming up with your own research question and gathering the data and then conveying it visually with whatever type of graph is most appropriate.Affiliate links through Amazon cover domain registration, web hosting, and website backup fees. Any extra revenue is used as our homeschool budget for the month. so I didn't argue and let them solve the problem both ways and then check for reasonableness...ultimately they figured out that doing it the way I showed them got the right answer!three demonstration problems from Jamie York we invented three story problems for the MLB; his business was "Madame Bouffant's Skirts, Shirts, and Socks" practice problems: Scaffolding Sales Tax Percent Word Problems imagine some problems for banking (mortgages and savings accounts), inspired by Leah's Pony by Elizabeth Friedrich discussion: the Great Depression discussion (the next day): checking accts vs. credit cards, credit scores, mortgages and down payments we invented three story problems for the MLB: Dewey who goes to the bank and wants an auto loan and has a good credit score, Leo who wants to buy a 0,000 house and puts 10% down and gets a 30 year mortgage with a 2% interest rate, and Peyton who wants a credit card and has a bad credit score and gets a 0.00 line of credit at 18% interest practice problems: Percent of a Number Sampler (I like all the activities except the ratio tables) go to the grocery store and examine unit cost labels, inspired by All in Just One Cookie by Susan Goodman metric chocolate chip cookie recipe which perfectly matches this story "Ratios in Advertising" activity from Hands-On Math: Ready to Use Games and Activities for Grades 4-8, p.74 imagine some problems for unit cost at the grocery store imagine some problems for temperature (travel agency posters), inspired by Something to Tell the Grandcows by Eileen Spinelli current weather forecast for South Pole, Antarctica The highest temperature ever recorded at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station was -12.3 C (9.9 F) on Christmas Day, 2011.The lowest was -82.8 C (-117.0 F) on June 23, 1982.

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