Business Management Plan Writing Letter Paper

The management team mainly comprising the shareholders has wide expertise and broad knowledge of the services and markets, which if well planned for, will enable the business to realize its goals and objectives.As we grow, we will take on additional consulting help and personnel.It’s the foundational basis of the organization and will dictate long-term decisions.The scope of strategic planning can be anywhere from the next two years to the next 10 years.Operational plans are often described as single use plans or ongoing plans.Single use plans are created for events and activities with a single occurrence (such as a single marketing campaign).“Basically at the tactical level, there are many focused, specific, and short-term plans, where the actual work is being done, that support the high-level strategic plans.” Tactical planning supports strategic planning.It includes tactics that the organization plans to use to achieve what’s outlined in the strategic plan.

Although managers should anticipate changes when engaged in any of the primary types of planning, contingency planning is essential in moments when changes can’t be foreseen.

As the business world becomes more complicated, contingency planning becomes more important to engage in and understand.

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Management style will reflect the participation of the shareholders.

The company intends to respect its community and treat all employees well.

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