Business Event Planning Checklist

Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, for instance, is believed to command fees around ,000 for speaking engagements.

Also, note that you can expect speaking fees to be two to three times higher if you work with a speaker’s bureau than if you enlist a speaker directly.

Your timeline will serve as your master outline for every step in the process, a checklist that you can tick off in the weeks and months to come to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases.

Your event budget should be documented and include both estimated and actual expenses.

Breakout sessions are just one possible activity at corporate events, but breaking up attendees into smaller, more targeted groups is one of the most viable ways to make the event meaningful to every attendee on a personal level while getting more accomplished in less time.

Instead of having all attendees sit through sessions that aren’t relevant to them, break it out into smaller sessions.

Find out what deliverables key stakeholders are expecting to get out of the event, such as: The rest of your planning process will hinge on the business case, so it’s worth your time to clearly establish what that purpose is before getting started.

Doing so means you can easily justify the point and convey the benefits the company will gain from the event. Define the outcomes you hope to achieve and build in methodology to measure performance.

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