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defines entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk” (Entreprenuer, n.d.).When looking at the word entrepreneur the word entrepreneurship also comes into play.The profitability of these firms depends on the market (First Research, 2014).In reviewing the literature on Small business owners, I would say that the business strategies are different in large companies than small business owners.As such, in online business approach, the model may be characterized by; • Purchases and sales among suppliers in regards to raw materials and products needed by manufacturers • Distribution chain management between a business and its major distributor • Exclusive service delivery among businesses Nigel (2012) further emphasizes that B2B model...[tags: Marketing, Business-to-business] - Business-to-Business (B2B) Over the past few years, the travel and tourism industry has experienced a major increase in online travel and bookings, due to advanced Internet technology and networks (Vladimirov, 2015).

[tags: Marketing, Business-to-business] - Ethics in the business world in my viewpoint are a great thing for businesses.The term ethics, according to Understanding Business, is the standards of moral behavior, that is, behavior accepted by society as right versus wrong (Nickels, 2013).In the view of a consumer it would be ideal to have interactions with an ethically bound business.- Business to business (B2B) Nigel (2012) affirms that in the business to business tactical approach, transactions are conducted among businesses, suppliers, manufacturers, producers and so forth.Businesses that internalize the business to business approach in online transactions operate within a direct approach between their partnership businesses.Business formation is a necessary early step of a starting a business because an entrepreneur needs to know and understand the differences in creating a legal structure for their business.The way that an entrepreneur structures its company, it will have a significant impact on the business’ tax liability, management and the personal liability of the owners should there business ever be sued....[tags: Management, Employment, Business, Business school] - Business Ethics and Globalization In recent years many policy makers, business executives, and economists have argued for the necessity of global business in promoting economic development and reducing world poverty."Multinational corporations, the world trade organization, the G8 summit and various international financial institutions are supposed to advance free trade and promote economic development for the people of various participating countries, including those who are less developed" (Ho, 2004) In a number of different ways the increased globalization of the economies of the United States, Western Europe, and Japan is making business practices more uniform....[tags: Ethics, Business ethics, Business, Consumer] - Lyann Jones Mrs. Comp 20 October, 2016 Business Management Introduction: You want to know what’s so difficult about being a Business manager.Business managers must oversee the activities of workers.

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