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In most cases a well prepared lesson plan can help the teacher to increase quality of teaching. 1 Hickory Dickory Dock I love Super Simple Learning’s version of Hickory Dickory Dock. (Check out their learning resources for your older students!This is as easy as laminating some construction paper, and you can make it as fun as finding your favorite cartoon character in different colors.It’s great to use the words along with the colors, but it might be preferable to use solid color flashcards at the beginning so that they don’t confuse the object and the color (otherwise, you might have students calling all apples red).There are many ways of writing a lesson plan but there is no universally recognized way of doing it.The problem usually is that most templates prepared and recommended by some administrators of educational institutions are complicated and require a lot of time to be filled in. We have put together 10 of our favourite lesson ideas at Churchill House and put them on this site for you to download.

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2 A big box You’ll need a big box to hold all of your activity materials.A plan is a good idea if it helps the teacher to do the teaching but not the other way round.However, it often happens that ESL lessons without any ‘lesson plans’ are much more successful than those with carefully written plans. You can copy-and-paste it and make any changes you like according to your personal needs.Welcome to the download page - from here you can access ready-to-use classroom materials for English language classrooms. Pages on teaching with film, music, and the Internet and on teaching grammar, LSP, reading/writing, and integrated skills. Loads of lessons, low-prep activities, and printable materials for classroom use.It’s way more fun when you can knock on the box and count before opening it than just bringing your materials in a bag.A box like the one pictured will hold all of your materials for your whole class and is available at IKEA.Even if kids are too little to hold a crayon, they still understand the concept of different colors and can start learning their names!Colors are the easiest beginning lesson for very young learners because they will, for the most part, have developed this concept in their mother tongue.If you will be teaching time, you can invest in a big clock (like this one on Amazon), or you can simply print off a picture of a clock.For animals, you can either bring stuffed animals and animal puppets that you might have from other activities (which is lots of fun for students! Then have them knock on the big box and ask to open it (“Open, please! Pull out the clock and the first animal – pictures or real objects.

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