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Businesses can take different steps to protect themselves against multiple hazards associated to emergencies.

Some of these steps include the design, preparation and implementation of a plan that includes all the procedures, strategies, organizational structures, potential hazards, personal protection equipment, and all the potential actions that can be completed in case there is an emergency.

Other important step is to provide training to all workers independently of the activity they do.

Different important steps to implement may include the identification of the processes of our businesses from beginning to end to identify potential hazards and early interventions to mitigate or control them.

Employee Fire and Life Safety: Developing a Preparedness Plan and Conducting Emergency Evacuation Drills This web page provides links to National Institute for Chemical Studies (NICS) documents and other information related to establishing and implementing sheltering-in-place programs.

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Although there are building codes, standards and established practices there are always risks associated to disastrous events.

This web site provides an emergency management guide for business and industry, providing a wide and comprehensive set of steps to be prepared.

These include establishing a planning team, analyze capabilities and hazards, development and implementation of a plan, gather information regarding training and emergency management, cover topics such as direction and control, communications, life safety, property protection, community outreach, administration and logistics and collecting Information regarding hazard specific information.

Having a disaster preparedness guide is one of the easiest ways to help ensure your business survives and recovers.

Business require special measures to protect their operations, infrastructure, and workers from any potential harmful effects an emergency could cause.

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