Business Development Plan Sample College Research Paper Outline Example

Selling Advertising Space J&B's initial software product as well as future training products can be used as an adverting media for various organizations, businesses and financial institutions.

For instance, a national office equipment manufacturer such as "Canon" may buy advertising space from J&B.

Computer manufacturers, software manufacturers, telecommunication services, office supply retailers, automobile manufacturers, national economic development organizations, credit card companies, transportation and delivery services, banks, national law firms, insurance firms, and accounting firms all rely on new and existing businesses and therefore may see the benefit in advertising on our training software.

Please refer to Appendix # 8 for a listing of potential advertisers.

Business simulators allow individuals to form their own fictitious company and compete with other fictitious companies for industry sales and market share.

A computer compares each company's decision sheet and produces an "output sheet" indicating each company's financial position.

Most existing business simulators are purchased by universities and colleges to assist in training their Commerce Students.

These funds will be used for such things as; training, market testing of new products, attending conferences, seminars and trade shows, purchases of resource material, market research, hiring additional casual laborers, and product testing.

The remaining topics to be addressed under this section include: In total, J&B is investing a total of 6,299 in Research and Development over its three year forecasted period.

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