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Spam is also a very big issue though a little less so lately when there are ways to harness it (more or less). We already have instant messaging and cell phones, among those and email what else can there be?!Dixie would say that email is still in its infancy though we all know it is here to stay and it will be used more and more... Resumes, aka CVs and reports are considered a type of business correspondence by some experts. It is true that both resumes and reports are often sent by mail.As she has already warned you on this page, there is a lot of confusion about business correspondence types.Does it mean the subject is not important enough to be agreed upon? The links below point you to the pages on Dixie'’s site that include the reference information which can be useful for writing any and all types of business correspondence, as well as business reports, business documents and even resumes.On the other hand, Dixie loves helping her readers, so for those of you who are interested in resume and report writing she provides the following links: In Dixie’'s humble opinion, business newspapers and magazines/journals, press releases and to some extent greeting cards are the types of business correspondence which can be ignored by a lot of business people/cats and left to the professionals or designated specialists.Dixie has also seen business minutes referred to as a type of business correspondence, others state that business minutes should be considered business reports and/or business documents.Email is the blessing and the curse of modern life, modern businesses included.

Even such a simple task as identifying types of business correspondence can be daunting.They appeared around 1920s and are much "younger" than business letters.This is probably the reason why they usually sound more human (even cats like this fact, Dixie knows).Business Letters Business Memos Business Faxes and Business Email Dixie covers major types of business correspondence extensively on her site, and the good news is you need to know well just four types if you are interested in a business career.Business letters have been the only type of business correspondence for much longer than any of us can remember, so "business correspondence" is still associated with them more than with its any other type.And as anything that "has been there" for a long time business letters just have to have very well established rules and regulations.And as Dixie says, there are some rules you cannot afford to ignore when writing a business letter.So, most of us would say that faxes have been a part of business environment for about 30 years.Consequently, there are not very many rules established for writing faxes.But it is probably even more important than business letters nowadays though it does not substitute them, and probably won’'t for quite some time.How could we have lived and even conducted business without email?!

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