Business Continuity Test Plan

Risk monitoring and testing ensures that the institution's business continuity planning process remains viable through the: Risk monitoring and testing is necessary to ensure that the business continuity planning process remains viable through the incorporation of the BIA and risk assessment into an enterprise-wide BCP and testing program.The testing program has become a key focus of banking supervisors, in light of recent, catastrophic events, and has received heightened attention within the financial services industry because such a program can be used to validate the viability of the BCP.During a tabletop, your institution runs through a potential scenario to determine how well your plan helps you respond to the event.The following eight steps will guide you through a successful tabletop exercise to uncover the strengths and weaknesses in your disaster recovery plan.A mock scenario is described, allowing staff to determine appropriate actions, responsibilities, responses, and decisions that would need to be made if real.This test can identify incomplete or inaccurate areas of the plan, pinpoint bottlenecks, and point out weaknesses that need to be remedied.

Risk monitoring and testing is the final step in the cyclical business continuity planning process.Ongoing Operations conducts hundreds of Business Continuity Tests every year.Our tests are designed to be much more realistic than testing from 10 or 15 years ago.It’s a critical tool that could save your life, but only if it’s working properly. Their batteries can run out of juice or they can reach the end of their life expectancy and stop working.Yet they’ll still look perfectly operational on the surface. No matter how nice your business continuity plan looks, you won’t know how effective it is until you test it.Do you know how to test your business continuity plan?Here are a few suggestions on how to conduct the four basic types of tests.That’s why you need to run through it at least annually, more often if outside circumstances are changing.One popular method for testing your plan is a tabletop exercise.The process follows five key Areas: Outside of the 5 step process above – each test that Ongoing Operations conducts is designed to accomplish ten key criteria.Ongoing Operations will present our Standard Scope of Work for a Business Continuity test and then will work with the client to tailor it for your specific requirements.

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