Business Continuity Plan Templates

If a business does not have a continuity plan when an interruption occurs, it risks financial, reputational and personal loss.

With a small business especially, an extended service interruption can be catastrophic.

Examples of different types of incidents or crises that could occur include: Your business continuity plan is usually a part of your business plan and should contain all of the information you need to get your business running again after an incident or crisis.

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Typically, the process involves some data gathering and interviewing, followed by a fill-in-the-blanks business process that somehow magically creates a finished product.

For many professionals, these steps present a formidable challenge.

To make the business continuity management process easier, people seek out alternatives, such as software, templates, checklists or consultants.

A business may require a continuity plan for compliance or insurance reasons.

Proper business continuity planning also improves communications and helps the organization discover areas where it may be lacking.

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