Business Continuity Plan Bcp

A good practice is to consider the continuity element for each service in the service catalogue and ensure that the continuity is documented and reviewed frequently.

Furthermore the system chart can also include the continuity elements required.

Duplicated power supplies, hot swap disks and RAIDs, resilient network connectivity, elimination of the single point of failure etc.

Business Continuity Plan Bcp-71Business Continuity Plan Bcp-73

Resources can come from within the business or be provided by third parties.

By following a testedand trained procedure the company is able to maintain the ability to continuebusiness even if the office building is unavailable.” Unfortunately quite often business continuity planning is getting the attention it needs after a failure in incident management and recovery. The countermeasures must be evaluated against risks and measured against benefits and costs.

The Business Continuity plan is a set of documentation that states what the countermeasures are in different scenarios and how they are deployed.

It must also contain all the procedures and instructions to the end users how the countermeasures are used. If the main service is down, the limited service is often enough. Not all services require full continuity countermeasures.

Quite often end users do not even see if a countermeasure is deployed enabling full service despite the fact, that normal operations are interrupted. Business continuity from the technology perspective Normally ICT already takes continuity into account when building the infrastructure.

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