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(Being assertive doesn’t mean you have to be standing your ground on every single issue.

Sometimes, we can choose not to argue / negotiate over every little issue, as long as those issues don’t cross our personal limits and boundaries.

Effective communication lesson plans help teachers provide effective communication strategies to elementary, middle school, and high school students. The real question is how do you communicate effectively in tough conversations when you both want different things, or you’re both mad…

We need to provide our children and students with 21st-century transferable learning skills to cope with challenges in their personal and professional relationships. Although these communication lesson plans were developed initially with middle school students in mind, they can be modified or adapted for: As a middle school teacher, I used to mark oral communication based on things like how much a student participated in the conversation, or shared ideas to the group.

Superbowl half time show dilemma Background on Colin Kaepernick Reaching a larger audience Discussion Questions: What would you do?

[…] For our Six Cs of Education Unit we have these bus commercials () as one of our ways to represent collaboration.

So, we’ve got OVER 2 WEEKS of lessons to do with your class to help your students understand how communication works (sender, receiver, message, feedback), how communication breaks down, and how to communicate more ASSERTIVELY by using strategies during tough conversations.

The 6Cs of Education are a bunch of transferable 21st Century Learning skills that you can use at school, at home, at a job… The world is changing and we need to help our student develop skills, strategies, and a growth mindset that will help them to be successful in the 21st century.

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Group work doesn’t always mean people are communicating clearly or effectively, and if we can show our students the difference between effective and ineffective communication, we can help them to become better communicators.You can talk or write and still be ineffective if the other person doesn’t understand your message clearly.Just because you send the message doesn’t mean the other person received the message, or understood what you meant.Being effective at communication is a cornerstone of so much in life.Our students need to know: Explicit instruction of different communication styles can help our students to reflect on what their default personal communication style is, and decide if that helps them to protect their boundaries and to get what they want.Sometimes students will be communicating in a group, and participating, but that doesn’t mean they have effective communication strategies.Just because a team gets something done, doesn’t mean there was true collaboration.If we understand the communication process, and problems with communication, we can reflect on how we can improve communication so it doesn’t break down (and the message gets across clearly.) Lost at Sea is a fantastic team-building activity. 2 HOURS and 101 SLIDES / PAGES […] Back to school’s around the corner and here’s a First Day of School activity to help your students get to know each other.This is a classic activity that can be found all across the Internet, but we’ve adapted it to help you focus on CRITICAL THINKING. Lots of teachers have used a human bingo graphic organizer as an icebreaker and a quick way to get students interacting with each other.We base this schedule on a 50 minute period and provide around 40-45 minutes of content per lesson.Depending on your teaching style, how often you see your class, and class dynamics, you may find that you can get through all 12 lessons in 10 days… Here are 11 different communication activities to explore how communication works and why it breaks down.

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