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Gain career skills that make you more valuable and marketable with an online communications degree from Walden.

In our increasingly digital, social, and mobile world, being an effective communicator can give you a professional edge and prepare you to excel in a variety of fields—including public relations, advertising, new media, and corporate communications.

However, managers and entrepreneurs need to attract capital to their organizations on favorable terms (and often have their compensation tied to organizational performance metrics) and so have incentives to bias their estimates of performance.

Forecasts made by managers will tend to have some truth, but also some error because of uncertainty as well as bias introduced by the self- interest of the parties who are in-charge of the measurement process.

With a clear view of a firm’s current operations, we will move on to forecasting future operations.

The ability to compile forecasts is an important first step for valuation, so FRSA is a good complement to Corporate Valuation.

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(Back to top) ADVANCED MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING (AMA) Professor Richard Sansing This minicourse explores advanced topics in managerial accounting, which in turn focuses on how a manager should make decisions in the presence of accounting information.

The aim is to ascertain the value of a firm’s shares using commonly used valuation techniques, with a focus on fundamental analysis (project a firm’s pro-forma financial statements and discount its future free cash flows).

The course relies on cases, active class participation, and team-oriented assignments.

We will use financial statements as a window to peer into a firm in order to determine where value creation occurs and how managers may be using financial statements to guide value creating behavior and how investors use financial statements to identify value-creating opportunities.

We will try to make the window easy to look through by considering the effects of the economic industry in which the firm operates, its business strategy, and, most importantly, its portfolio of accounting choices.

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