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At Questrom, the interviewer who meets the candidate will always be a different admissions committee member from the one who read through their initial application.The point of this is to allow more of us to get to know each applicant and keep bias out of the process.The best way to maximize the experience is to know what to take advantage of upon enrolling in the program.

The goal here is to get a better sense of each candidate’s personality and fit with our program.The candidates that are the most successful in this process are those that can demonstrate their fit with the Questrom School of Business – academically, professionally and personally.One mistake candidates sometimes make is to apply to business school for the wrong reason, or before they are truly ready to take advantage of the opportunities that come with an MBA program.Here then, is Questrom’s assistant dean of graduate admissions, Meredith Curtin Siegel, to provide some advice on the subject.One point Siegel emphasizes is the importance of being sure in your decision and desire to undertake an MBA as well as knowing how you want to make the most out of the time you will spend at your chosen school because, as Siegel says, “a full-time MBA program goes by very, very quickly.” Read on to find out more: We typically admit approximately a third of our full-time MBA applicants.We offer evaluative interviews to candidates in two ways: before our first deadline, candidates can request a pre-application interview with a member of the admissions committee.These are conducted both on campus and in cities around the world.Our best advice to all candidates is to think carefully about why an MBA is the right next step; why the timing of pursuing this degree now is important; and why Boston University is the right place to pursue the MBA degree.Applying to a school because it is well-ranked or because a parent, friend or colleague recommended the university isn’t always the most successful strategy for selecting an MBA program.Whether it is by visiting campus for events such as MBA Connect, our on-campus open house in the fall, meeting us and our alumni at off-campus events around the world, or attending a virtual information session or webinar, candidates can connect with our community to learn more.The Questrom application process is similar to the application processes at many other schools.

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