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This could be due to the fact that he came from a home of neglect and abuse.

His body language, such as rolling his eyes when people were trying to talk to him, gave off the impression that he did not care.

Each character thought that they were different, but they all had something in common, being a teenager.

Whether it be the pressure of academics and doing well in school, the imagine you portray yourself to your peers, or the relationship you have with your parents, its all the hardships of being teenagers that ultimately made them the same.

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He went from being the typical high school rebel to someone she trusted and opened up to.This led Claire to be timid and feel insecure when revealing information about her.It all changed once Claire learned the hardships of the other kids.She was always self-conscience of what her peer’s thought of her; hence why she kept to herself.By the end of the film Claire reached such a deep level within each herself that her open area became her biggest square and she greatly reduced the size of her hidden and unknown area.“There's still so much that I love about them,” Ringwald told Buzz Feed News about the John Huges movies she starred in.“They're very powerful [movies] and they're connected to people's memories and youth.” Molly Ringwald said she’s happy that people are reassessing her classic 1980s movies, like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, more critically in light of the #Me Too movement.This type of communication can give off a strong impression, whether positive or negative.However, for Bender’s case, it gave off a negative one in the beginning.The main character of the film, John Bender, was the average bad boy.It is evident that he craved social attention, which led him to create a false world for himself.

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