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Many grammarians feel that the parentheses can, in fact, be replaced by commas in nearly all cases.You use parentheses much more often than you use brackets.Before we move on, we need to address one issue: how to use terminal punctuation marks with parentheses.If your sentence starts with an opening parenthesis, then what’s inside your parentheses is a complete sentence.

"Fences" is a broad term describing parentheses, brackets, and braces used in math typesetting.The brace symbols themselves are reserved for complex coding.The Codecheck function double checks for you to determine if parentheses and brackets have been correctly used.Follow the generally accepted practices, unless APS style differs.Use parentheses to indicate supplementary expressions. In APS journals, the order of fences is always i.e., parentheses, square brackets, curly braces.In essence, the information in the parentheses is a nonessential modifier; it gives the reader additional information that's by no means crucial. To order this book direct from the publisher, visit the Penguin USA website or call 1-800-253-6476.You can also purchase this book at and Barnes & Noble.Avoid heavy use of multiple, nested parentheses in text except when used to list chemicals or data. References are usually cited at the end of sentences surrounded by parentheses (14).When possible, use commas or semicolons to set off parenthetical phrases. At some point, you may receive a manuscript where the author has used brackets around the reference citations instead of parentheses; in this case, it is helpful to globally change all "[ to (" and ") to ]" with MSWord (at the toolbar, click Edit, go to Replace, type in the specific mark to be changed, and replace each mark individually as the function proceeds).When possible, use commas or semicolons to set off parenthetical phrases. See the sections on Manufacturer Names and Parenthetical Text for more information about how to present information in parentheses.Today Bonnie Trenga will help us talk about three punctuation marks: one you undoubtedly know how to use, another you possibly misuse, and yet another you’ve likely never used.

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