Boston University Presidential Scholarship Essay

Hi all, I don't see a thread for the Trustee Scholarship anywhere, also I have a bit of an issue I need to talk about.

If you're scoring much higher than the average admitted student, you'll have a better chance of getting scholarship money.For most private schools, this means you're getting more than 0,000 of expenses covered with these scholarships.Unlike financial aid, which many schools offer to students based on what they and their families can afford to pay for their educations, these scholarships are based entirely on merit.You might also want to consider colleges you've not heard of before.A lot of these schools offer top academic experiences but lack the name recognition of other schools.This scholarship pays full tuition, fees, and room and board.It also awards funding for up to three domestic summer experiences.Students are selected based on commitment to community service, strength of personal character, and leadership potential.This scholarship gives full tuition plus a one-time stipend to be used toward a summer study abroad or research experience.As you look through the list of schools below, you'll probably recognize at least some of the names.A lot of the schools on this list are very good schools, but apart from a few notable exceptions, you're not likely to see top schools in the country giving out full-ride scholarships. Full-ride scholarships are meant to lure top, super-attractive students who have a lot of choices.

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