Book Titles In An Essay

Another rule of thumb is that if the work is intended to stand alone and to be kept for later reference, or is likely to be seen as having merit as a stand-alone work, italicize it.

Use quotation marks if the item is entirely ephemeral, trivial, or simply promotional of some other work or product.

Titles of shorter works should be enclosed in double quotation marks ("text like this").

It particularly applies to works that exist as a smaller part of a larger work.

These cases are well-established conventions recognized in most style guides.

For example, Where subtitle punctuation is unclear (e.g.

Continue to lower-case common four-letter (or shorter) prepositions like "into" and "from".

Subtitles: Not everything in parentheses (round brackets) is a subtitle.

Generally, you should italicize (or underline in some cases) the book titles.

This is true for nearly all scholarly journals and legal writing that I've seen.

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