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The same is also true for Canadian food history (as I now have a home in Toronto).

I know this is a big topic, but would you mind sharing a little about how one starts a podcast?

Many of the early shows came out of areas or topics I was already interested in or already knew there was source material for.Here, Laura will tell us about her idea for incorporating food and recipes into her teaching, and how that turned into a popular podcast and unexpected career path.When you started The Feast, you were also on the faculty in the Department of History at Queen’s University at Kingston.), I wanted to learn more about equipment and technique.So many online resources and new equipment have made it very easy for anyone to make a podcast.In terms of equipment and technical know-how, it can be very simple.Back in 2016, I started The Feast on a Macbook Pro laptop using pre-loaded Garageband software with a Blue Yeti microphone huddled in the closet of my condo.This month on Around the Table, I am chatting with Laura Carlson, producer and host of the podcast The Feast.In other posts this month, we’ll read about many different experiences and methods for teaching with recipes.What sparked your interest in podcasting about food while working in Academia?Has teaching influenced your approach to podcasting about food history?

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