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She is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and just returned after living in Los Angeles, California for several years. ” This is a common question that runs through the minds of most authors at some point in their writing career.My strongest suggestion has always been to ask the Book Business Plan developer (that’s you) to start at the end. Don’t be ridiculous and say you plan to be the next Dan Brown or Neil Gaiman, but trust that with the right strategy, you CAN be the next Dan Brown or Neil Gaiman eventually.They too had to go through this process, and as we all know, ya gotta pay your dues.If fiction writers take the same attitude, they are sure to have a better chance at sales success. So, realize that when you start writing your book, you also should start writing your Book Business Plan. Now, imagine you’re sitting at the bank, talking across the desk to the loan manager and asking for money. Those are the questions you need to answer when putting together your Book Business Plan. Let it grow and fluctuate but always keep your eye on the prize.A friend once told me, “I’d rather stick to the fantasy than write the facts of selling it.” Yeah, we argued. If your book is finished, it’s not too late so no excuses there. It determines who you want to sell your book to, how you want them to find or hear about the book, and how successful you want to be with it. Ebb and flow in a strong plan is a good thing, as long as the end goal is always at the top of your mind.Starting your own book publishing company is an important step if you’re serious about your author business, want to sell other people’s books, or you just want to protect yourself and your assets.For many people, establishing your company can be confusing, tedious, and downright painful.

This isn’t wishful thinking, guys and gals, THIS is the beginning of your plan.

Just ask me about my own experience getting sued, jeesh…(PS: it was a false claim from a competitor just looking to knock my book off the market…what a jerk!

) If you don’t have a company, and your book, product or service gets sued, then your personal finances and public record will be at major risk.

Thankfully, this step-by-step guide and some awesome online services will help you determine if you should start a publishing company and the steps for how to do it stress-free.

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