Boniuk Center Essay

Religious leaders are undoubtedly responsible for this unbalanced reading of the Qu’ran, and it is incumbent on them to fix it.

But the problem is not solely intellectual and hermeneutical.

They justify their violence to protect - what they believe to be - the purity, power, and superiority of the white race.

The Limits of Tolerance: China's Communist Party and the Uyghurs The Chinese Communist Party officially permits five religions: Daoism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Islam.

Fixing these conditions is the unavoidable responsibility of peace seekers.

Catholicism and the Legacy of Anti-Judaism A consideration of how the Catholic church has dealt with perhaps the most difficult chapter of its long history : a set of teachings according to which Jews were God-killers condemned to suffering.

This change is tied to longer-term trends in American democracy that are likely to outlive the current administration.

Boniuk Institute Statement on El Paso Shootings The weekend's tragic shootings in El Paso follow patterns like those in Charleston, Charlottesville, Oak Creek, Poway, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere.

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  1. Due to this, the message / request in the dream is effectively spoiled. The subconscious mind is being helpful as far as it is concerned and sees the reasons it provides for avoiding the change as valid.