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You will encounter a wide range of assessment opportunities, including project work, organising events and publications, giving presentations, and developing reflective writing.

Other assessment methods include essays, presentations, data analysis, online tests, peer reviews, class tests, blog posts and research proposals and reports.Popular careers for our graduates include teaching, publishing and journalism, advertising and marketing, management, IT, social work and speech and language therapy.Many of our graduates also go on to study at Postgraduate level.Your creative writing will mainly be assessed through coursework, and you will often be required to develop a portfolio of original writing accompanied by a critical or reflective commentary.As well as developing creative work and critical analyses, there are other assessment opportunities designed to help you develop new skills and prepare for graduate employment.You will have the choice of a range of modules giving you the opportunity to study topics such as how we convey meaning and how language varies according to different speakers and situations.Our course is led by a team of exciting, award-winning writers, and we also have a lively programme of visiting writers and guest speakers.Creative Writing is a highly interactive discipline: discussions, debates, peer-feedback, and writing activities are a crucial part of the learning process.We do not want students to be passive learners, but instead expect you to be actively engaged and involved with your degree subject.Recent Festival and University guest writers have included Margaret Atwood; award-winning poets Simon Armitage and Daljit Nagra; Booker-nominated York novelist Fiona Mozley; innovative graphic novelist and illustrator Graham Rawle; and Bradford noir-writer A. How does language allow us to express social identities and cultural values? This programme explores these fascinating areas and much more by analysing real-life language.Our students organise a lively programme of languages and linguistics-related events, including guest speakers, trips, conferences and social activities with opportunities to be involved in staff research as a volunteer or paid researcher.

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