Bloody Mary Research Paper

Evenden and Westbrook 2015 pays particular attention to religious issues, and to printing and publication, while Duncan and Schutte 2016 focuses on Mary’s exercise of monarchical rule.There has recently been an upsurge in scholarly biographies of Queen Mary.Consultation of the various calendars of English and foreign State Papers, now available online as well as in print, is essential for all who wish to undertake detailed research into the domestic and foreign policies of Mary’s government, as well as many important aspects of the England of her time, together with Wales and Ireland.Equally valuable and indeed essential, especially for coverage of Mary’s seizure of the English throne and her earliest days in power, are various contemporary British and foreign chronicles.Even the best surveys of the Tudor period, listed in this section, tend to short-change Mary, though Rex 2002 begins to reflect the historical revision of her and her time as queen that has been going on in recent years.The earlier works, Bindoff 1950 and Elton 1955, reflect and propagate an interpretation of Mary’s reign as a brief Catholic interval in a logical progression toward a Protestant England.

Even in Spain, where her Catholicism has always been strongly in her favor, plus the fact that her mother, Catherine of Aragon, was the youngest daughter of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, the short English reign of Mary’s husband Philip has been little studied.Her achievement in gaining the throne and ruling as England’s first sovereign queen is increasingly recognized, and a much fuller understanding of her religious policies has been achieved.As a result, a significant rebalancing is taking place between assessments of the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth, putting the characters and achievements of both rulers into a better perspective.Back in 1940, Prescott 2003 broke with traditional British historiography by researching and stressing Mary’s Spanish background and the Spanish dimension of her reign, though this aspect was not developed further until Edwards 2011 and Edwards 2016.In the meantime, Loades (Loades 1989, Loades 2006, and Loades 2011) has been the leading historian of this queen and her reign, producing a series of biographies, overlapping but also developing in content and approach.Guy 1988, Palliser 1992, Brigden 2000, and Tittler and Jones 2004 give only limited coverage to Mary.Unusual in the histories of English monarchs, there is no up-to-date and satisfactory bibliography of Mary and her reign, and the works listed below predate the major revisions from the 1980s onwards.Ever since she died in London on 17 November 1558, Queen Mary I has had an afterlife in the shadow of her half-sister and successor, Elizabeth I.She reigned for just over five years, beginning late July 1553, and her time on the throne has been seen ever after as unfortunate and unsuccessful, as well as short.Now, however, this lack has begun to be remedied in two important collections.Hunt and Whitelock 2010 explicitly compares Mary and Elizabeth as rulers, while Doran and Freeman 2011 analyzes and compares traditional and revisionist approaches to Mary and her reign.

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