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In 2011, a study conducted by Brazilian Association of PET Industry (ABIPET) revealed a growth of the level of recycling of PET in 304% between 19.

In absolute numbers this represents about 294 kilotons.

Palavras-chave: Bloco de Vedação, Sustentabilidade, PET ABSTRACT Among the materials with potential of recycle, the PET (polyethylene terephthalate), is widely used in different industrials sectors.

However, the use of this recycled material in construction industry is insignificant.

For single components however there would be a need to reduce the " overdesigning ".

The study accomplished design simulation and analysis of manual block-making machine, resulting in 3D-view of the final assembly of the machine (made of mild steel) with all standard notations.

Um estudo realizado pela Associação Brasileira da Indústria do PET (ABIPET) em 2011 revelou que houve um acréscimo de 304% na recuperação do PET de 1994 a 2011, totalizando cerca 294 Ktons cujo principal destino final foi aplicações nas indústrias têxteis (39,30%), não sendo contabilizada parcela de consumo para construção civil.

Assim, o presente trabalho apresenta os resultados de uma pesquisa experimental desenvolvida com o intuito de testar o uso do PET triturado em substituição da areia natural nas frações de 15%, 30% e 45% para a fabricação de blocos de concreto prensado com incorporação de PET reciclado.

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Analysis of the various components that make up the final design was done in order to...A manmade fibre ,fly ash, glass fibre reinforce polymer (GFRP), scoria aggregates, EPS beads utilize as reinforcing material to produce the interlocking blocks which gives appreciable results discuss in detail.The experimental results compared with that ordinary brunt clay brick and interlocking brick found durable in aggressive environments and have sufficient strength for their use in sustainable building construction.It is being always challenge for researchers to make interlocking brick with light weight material at low cost and improve the performance against aggressive environment. The results of an experimental investigation in which the compressive strength, water absorption and density were investigated by using varying percentage of fly ash, stone dust, and sand with different mix proportion.Mainly the weakest part of a masonry wall is the mortar joint, as the substitution of lime for aggregate reduces the overall strength of the joint.The minimum safety factor achieved was 4.35ul which is acceptable and the maximum 15 ul.Complete assembly analysis: Maximum contact pressure achieved was 36.72 MPa while some components received no contact pressure from the load. The value may lead to an assumption that the machine has been " overdesigned " , but considering that some of the sections of the machine are actually unaffected by the load, or the loading conditions is short, and allowing for that it is an equipment that intends to operate on a daily-basis, and it is made of ductile-material, operated in repeated and impact mode of loading, environmental considerations and also to account for all the unpredictable-factors, then, this safety factor for the machine is acceptable.Overall, the results of this concise study are rather positive, providing a good starting point for further and much-deeper exploration on the same.The major recommendation was made vis-à-vis design factor of safety, in order to eliminate/reduce " overdesigning " and to obtain sequential solutions that exhibit asymptotic convergence to values representing the exact solution, it is recommended to conduct h-refinement of the mesh in FEA.It is being always challenge for researchers to make interlocking brick with light weight...more Interlocking bricks masonry has gained rapid popularity in many foreign countries as an alternative to conventional bricks for sustainable housing.

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