Block Quotations In A Research Paper

Field-specific common knowledge is “common” only within a particular field or specialty.It may include facts, theories, or methods that are familiar to readers within that discipline.Freedom of research is undoubtedly a cherished ideal in our society.

There are 21 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.While a short quotation is enclosed in quotation marks and integrated into the surrounding paragraph, a block quotation is an independent paragraph that is indented five spaces from the left margin.This type of quotation should be double-spaced like the rest of the paper, but it should not be enclosed in quotation marks.Block quotations should be used in moderation, typically when using another writer’s words is a more effective way of illustrating an idea.Avoid using block quotations excessively as this practice gives the reader the impression that you are inexperienced in the subject or are simply filling pages to meet a word count requirement.Even if you use your own words, if you obtained the information or ideas you are presenting from a source, you must document the source.Information: If a piece of information isn’t common knowledge (see below), you need to provide a source.This guide will introduce you to the most basic rules that you will need to know.For a full list of the rules, consult the Publication Manual of the APA (6th ed.).For instance, you may not need to cite a reference to Piaget’s developmental stages in a paper for an education class or give a source for your description of a commonly used method in a biology report—but you must be sure that this information is so widely known within that field that it will be shared by your readers. And in the case of both general and field-specific common knowledge, if you use the exact words of the reference source, you must use quotation marks and credit the source.In general, use direct quotations only if you have a good reason. Also, it’s often conventional to quote more extensively from sources when you’re writing a humanities paper, and to summarize from sources when you’re writing in the social or natural sciences–but there are always exceptions.

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