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Bands like Bikini Kill, and fan-publishes magazines (‘zines’) such as Jigsaw began to address the issue of women in punk rock. There were seminars dealing with writing zines and buying guitars, as well as dealing with eating disorder and fighting sexism.The first Riot Grrl Convention was held in Washington, D. Punk rock, and specifically the Riot Grrrl movement, has been used to empower women and give them control over their lives.The album opens with the Hoppus lead “Cynical“, slow at first with nothing but a guitar strum behind his voice when all of a sudden 29 seconds into it the rest of the band joins in, Travis Barker is on fire smashing his kit and all of a sudden a familiar vibe is felt as Mark’s long whine-like singing brings you in and makes you want to get moving.Matt finally gets his chance to shine however when he opens up, all I can hear is somewhat of an attempt at channelling Tom Delonge‘s long, dragged out worded singing.

So I’m unsure if this is his way of natural singing or if he was trying something different for the blink record)“.

One specific moment in punk rock history that deals specifically with women, as well as issues of sex and gender, is the development of the Riot Grrrl movement in the early 1990’s.

This movement came mostly out of the punk rock scene in Olympia, WA and Washington D. Women found themselves pushed out of punk due to the increasing aggressiveness in the punk scene, especially at concerts .

Line Up Mark Hoppus – Bass/Vocals Travis Barker – Drums Matt Skiba – Guitar/Vocals Facebook: Blink-182 Twitter: @blink182 Website: we are, finally got my hands on the newest album from my most favourite band in the whole world.

Only now things are different following the departure of guitarist Tom Delonge and the welcoming of Alkaline Trio‘s Matt Skiba to the already impressive line up consisting of bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker.

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