Blessing Science Essay

Each chromosome is made up of fine strands of deoxyribonucleic acids, or DNA. The information carried on the DNA determines the cells function within the organism. The first step to understanding genetic engineering and embraccing its possibilities for society is to obtain a rough knowledge base of its history and method. To start off with, you must somehow find an understanding of how individuals pass on characteristics to their offspring. Now that I’ve explained the scientific side of genetic engineering I thought it would be interesting to explore various viewpoints. Viewpoint 1 There’s literally no limit to what you could do with genetic engineering.Once you have the understanding of how to control instructions given to cells, anything can de done.

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People who are afraid that genetic engineering and cloning are nothing more than “toys of the devil”. However, I believe genetic engineering is a safe and powerful tool that will yield extraordinary results, specifically in the field of medicine.

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