Black Rain Essay Questions University Of South Carolina Essay

He also likes to help people greatly such as his constant wanderings looking for coal for his community.

If you were depended on would you help your community? The theme that is very meaningful to me is that war hurts two different parts of a country.

Shizuma is different than any first hand account that I have ever read and a reader must be willing to get into that character in order to get the message, feelings, and pictures that Mr. The novel is written extremely clear but one of the problems is that it gets slow every once in a while if Mr.

Shizuma gets something into his mind so he decides to get it done.

Innocent, unarmed people killed and mangled by a weapon that could kill the entire planet. This seems to me that the dropping of the bomb was nothing but a science experiment to the ‘opposition’. The only type of person that could possibly read this book is a person that is very open minded to other ideas.

To most people from the United States the bomb was necessary in order to stop the war. To have an open mind and to be able to accept new ideas is crucial when you look at people from a different type of background and way of thinking.

He even likes to write how people cured themselves of radiation sickness and what the burns and other injuries look and act like.

These things are like myself in the fact that he does not like to forget what things are like, wants to see first hand what the effects are, and is very interested in finding information about new things that he has never seen before.

This novel shows the power and curiosity of the human spirit.

The only problem that I can see with this type of ending is that the reader wants to know what has happened to the community after a few years but what the writer is trying to say is very clear and enforced with people crying because they lost the war.

The crying was not only because the war was lost but also for the people that died, or are dyeing, in the community.

The overall meaning of the novel is that war makes things hard for the people that have to stay at home and support their soldiers.

The heart of any country is with the general population and when that general population was hit with something unknown it did not only shock the rest of the country but it made the country wonder if they were strong enough.

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