Biology Masters Thesis Proposal

Your GPA (Grade Point Average) is calculated using the grades that you received in each course, and is determined by the points assigned to each grade (e.g. Studyportals Tip: Students can search online for independent or external scholarships that can help fund their studies.

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Miniaturization as a concept is dependent on the phylogenetic assumption that the organism evolved from a larger predecessor.Many scholarships are either merit-based or needs-based.Before beginning work on the master thesis project proposal, students are to complete a M. Thesis Reading Committee Nomination form (see Forms & Print Materials) and turn it in to the EEB Graduate Program Coordinator, no later than the end of the spring quarter of the first year. Thesis Reading Committee approves the thesis project proposal, students may begin work on the thesis manuscript.If the thesis ultimately does not gain the committee’s approval the student will be dismissed from the program. Finally, a formal, public research seminar will be presented by the student.This seminar should be scheduled with the EEB Graduate Program Coordinator for the regular time slot when possible, and may not be scheduled for less than a week after the closed defense meeting. Thesis Reading Committee Chair may sign the title sheet only after the research has been presented in a public seminar. One such evolutionary adaptation employed by numerous taxa is miniaturization, an evolutionary process in which a large ancestral form becomes reduced in size to exploit alternative niches. Wayne Leibel 11 September 1998 Neotropical fish of the family Cichlidae are a widespread and diverse group of freshwater fish which, through adaptive radiation, have exploited various niches in freshwater ecosystems.Students are to schedule their Thesis Proposal meetings with the EEB Graduate Program Coordinator no later than the fall quarter of the second year. The master thesis manuscript must have a general introduction and summarization that gives it coherence as a report on the candidate's research.The master thesis manuscript is submitted to the students’ masters reading committee, defended in a closed oral examination, and presented in a departmental seminar by the end of the second year.Miniaturization can be defined as “the evolution of extremely small adult body size within a lineage” (Hanken and Wake 1993).Miniaturization is observed in a variety of taxa, and evolutionary size decreases are observed in mammals and higher vertebrates, but it is more common and more pronounced in reptiles, amphibians and fish (Hanken and Wake 1993).

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