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According to family lore, Lindsay's grandmother Martha Cave Lindsay was a Native American.Some readers found reviewer: "The poet, who is undoubtedly more intimately acquainted with Indian motifs than he can expect more than a few of his readers to be, has not explained the principles of the music to which he relates his lines and forms, and one is, unfortunately, left somewhat befogged."That [poem] makes the heart leap; and the little volume abounds in meters and rhymes that thrill and gladden one.

Hazelton Spencer wrote in his introduction to Lindsay's that the poet's patriotism and his efforts to help Americans build the country of their ideals was unsurpassed in his lifetime.

Simplicity thrice simplified appears to be the fundamental characteristic." Lindsay's benevolent spirit toward people and nature led some critics to call him a modern-day Saint Francis of Assisi.

A "Here is a genuine, rooted love for fields and simple folk, for God and little birds, all informed by a prophet's realization of beauty. Scudder wrote in reviewer suggested that Lindsay's depiction of the American landscape is not selective in that way.

They wanted Lindsay to become a doctor, and he studied the sciences for three years at Hiram College in Ohio.

There he was also trained in oratory, a skill for which he would later become known throughout the United States and England.

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