Biography Book Report For Middle School Can You Write Your Own Opinion In A Research Paper

While not in-depth studies, readers are introduced to these painting masters personally and stylistically, with enough information for reports.

–Breezy writing and brief chapters promote brisk reading.

The time lines in wordy descriptions of product production include only one small stock color photo each, whereas the other titles explain their methods creatively, with plenty of explanatory colored graphics. “Fun Facts” sidebars offer entertaining, educational bits of trivia and striking covers, colored banners, and numerous high-quality black-and-white and color photos of the products appropriately enliven the playful appearance.

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In the description of an Anne Frank House tour includes an observation on the purpose of asking visitors questions at the end of every tour—“This process allows the heart to rest while the brain takes over,” a valuable concept and tool for children who might have trouble ingesting heavy historical stories. Each title features pale-green sidebars that add information and historical context, in addition to quotes about/from the subjects and contemporaries. The author’s tone is non-judgmental: Making no excuses for these thieves and murderers, he nonetheless provides a balanced view of them, regarding them in the context of their times and suggesting that, sometimes, they were motivated by extenuating circumstances.

These book report forms are suitable for both beginning readers and older children.

The first is simply a form they can fill out that becomes their book report.

Each subject comes alive with simple, clear sentences covering childhood and life accomplishments. Subjects are treated respectfully and fairly; where applicable, failings and scandalous behaviors are noted discreetly. –These exciting, well-written examinations of some bad guys (and one woman) offer compelling reading. A bounty of excellent black-and-white and color visuals, including period photos, drawings, and documents, evoke the flavor of the Old West (in Ned Kelly’s case, Old Aussie), as do hokey design elements—“fingerprints” and “bullet holes” that seem “shot through” the pages.

–This is a fine set for confident early to middle grade readers servicing both recreational reading and assignment purposes. For example, –This fascinating series for confident older readers is a boon for report writers with its fact-filled, even-handed analyses of these history-making women’s lives and accomplishments.

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