Billy Budd Essay

But in some supposed cases, in various degrees supposedly less pronounced, to draw the exact line of demarkation few will undertake thoí for a fee some professional experts will.

There is nothing namable but that some men will undertake to do it for pay.

When Moby resurfaces after killing Ahab, the Captain's corpse has become entangled in the old harpoons & lines stuckk in the whale's flank and Ishmael sees him dangling there.

I have no idea what it means that Billy, an innocent, and Ahab, the very embodiment of obsession, should both end the same.

It would have been in consonance with the spirit of Captain Vere should he on this occasion have concealed nothing from the condemned one--should he indeed have frankly disclosed to him the part he himself had played in bringing about the decision, at the same time revealing his actuating motives.

On Billyís side it is not improbable that such a confession would have been received in much the same spirit that prompted it.

Not without a sort of joy indeed he might have appreciated the brave opinion of him implied in his Captainís making such a confidant of him.

Whether the story is necessarily an indictment of Capital Punishment remains, for me, an open question.

Finally there is a controversy within the community of queer theorists over whether Billy Budd is a homosexual text.

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