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Try it risk-free Have you ever sat in a chair, looked out on a beautiful sunset and thought, 'what exactly is a bibliography?

Showing just how widely you researched your topic provides more credence and credibility to your work.

Another use for a bibliography is to allow your reader to know if you considered a work but chose not to include it within your piece, or if you didn't consult a particular author at all.

“using computer technology to learn writing from a teacher, tutor, or other students and by using it to communicate about that writing, share writing for learning purposes, and to present writing for course completion purposes.

Being can mean working at a geographic distance or even in an onsite computer lab using technology that enables the learning about and sharing of writing; in essence, the computer technology facilitates the communication about writing, often through an LMS" (Hewett, “Grounding Principles for OWI” 36).

A bibliography would let them know if I considered any of her famous works or if I failed to give her work any consideration at all.

For instance, when you are first writing a paper that you've researched, you may not initially utilize a source that you consulted.

For instance, I may be completing a research paper on the behavior of chimpanzees both in the wild and in captivity.

If someone was reading through my piece and didn't see me cite Jane Goodall, one of the most famous chimpanzee experts of all time, they may be curious.

Now that you know the types of bibliography, let's talk about how you create one.

One of the first things you have to do in preparing to create a bibliography is to decide in advance what type of bibliography you are going to do - annotated, enumerative, period, or subject.

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