Best Nursing Entrance Essays

This is the point at which most nursing schools accept applications for the BSN.

With the ASN, you should have all the general ed courses and nursing prerequisites necessary to apply, so go ahead!

Some nursing schools will accept applications at the same time that you apply to the college, but many require a separate application to enter nursing school; you may get accepted into the college, but not into the nursing school.

Associate’s Degree and/or RN: If you have your associate’s degree (ASN) and your RN license, you’re halfway to the BSN.

In general, your nursing school application is going to require basics like: High school and college transcripts – Self-explanatory.

Call your high school or college registrar and get your transcripts.

With Top RN to BSN’s Nursing School Admissions Guide, one step just leads to another, from research to your first day of classes.

Let’s be real for a minute – there’s no single “first step.” Every potential nursing students is starting from their own place.

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It’s no crime to get someone to help you with your essay.

Make sure it’s someone who has seen you at your best and can give specifics about your performance in class or on the job.

Vague, boilerplate recommendations that don’t say anything specific about you are as bad as no recommendation at all.

With nursing schools becoming more and more competitive, interviews have become a common part of the admissions process.

That idea might be scary to you, but it’s helpful to turn that feeling around – the interview is your chance to set yourself apart and impress!

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