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Residency sessions allow time for students to participate in workshops, and often these are focused on critiquing other students' work and receiving feedback on their own writing projects.Additionally, residencies usually include lectures, presentations, and panels featuring faculty and guest writers.Our 5:1 student-faculty ratio maximizes individual attention and fosters close relationships.Students and faculty stay on campus and have ample opportunities for informal exchange over meals or at events, creating powerful relationships and artistic support systems that last long past graduation.Our students tell us that the MFA in Writing program at VCFA has transformed them—that in two years they’ve evolved, redefined themselves, and found the tools they need to face the human experience head on and transform it into art.

Although students may be focusing on a particular genre during their studies, they are usually encouraged to attend presentations and seminars on multiple literary genres.Depending on the genre, this may be up to 25 pages of prose or poetry.Applicants may also need to compose a statement outlining their prior writing experience and academic and professional goals.Programs may require that students work with several different faculty members over the course of their studies.During these periods, students compose and revise their work, frequently submitting work to their faculty mentor and making changes based on their mentor's guidance.During residency sessions, students also create a plan for their next period of independent work.Residencies offer MFA students an opportunity to meet in person with their faculty mentor and discuss the assignments and projects the student will undertake for the remainder of the term.Mar 27, 2019 Students in low-residency creative writing MFA programs combine independent writing work with periodic residencies with faculty and peers.Read on for details on the components of these programs and typical admissions requirements.Low-residency Master of Fine Arts programs give writers an opportunity to earn an advanced credential by blending independent writing work with intensive residency sessions.Creative writing students in these programs can focus on genres including fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

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