Belonging Essay Peter Skrzynecki 10 Mary Street

Belonging essay points Idea of belonging Belonging is the feeling of comfort and acceptance within ones environment and oneself.Despite all our differences we all belong to the one human race.

Texts Immigrant Chronicle * Written by Peter Skrzynekci * Feliks skrezynecki * St Patricks college Gran Torino * Directed by Clint Eastwood * 2008 * Main characters ( Walt Kowalski, Thao, Sue) Analysis Feliks Skrzynecki * Peter illustrates both belonging and not belonging in this poem.‘Each morning, shut the house / Like a well-oiled lock,’ alludes to the idea of nineteen years of normality and order – a smooth and trouble-free existence.The locking of the house and going to school or work is a daily ritual which adds to the sense of connectedness to the home, and family.Belonging * Peter describes his fathers love and devotion for his ..middle of the document...* The poets lack of belonging is shown through his quote of “happy as I have never been”.This notion of moving further and further away illustrates the sons moving away from this sense of belonging.St Patricks College * St Patricks college illustrates the poet feeling isolated which leads to him not belonging in the school environment.Essay text: It also shows a sense of stability and security as well as a sense of faith in the house as Peter is saying that the paint will be guaranteed to last for another ten years."10 Mary Street" is also rich with many different forms of language techniques...Showed first 250 characters A prime example of this is personification used twice in stanza 3 with the line "The house stands in its china blue coat".The study of “10 Mary Street” by Peter Skrzynecki has helped me to greater develop my understanding of the complexities of belonging...

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