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Mary Warren, Proctor's new servant, enjoys the sense of community she feels with the other girls, and fears breaking from their ranks.

Even Elizabeth Proctor's goodness serves the evil of the system: Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft, in hopes of making John a widower. 'Ethical leadership: a social learning perspective for construct development and testing', Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, vol.

Miller was pressured, like so many great artists, to name names of suspected communists. Healthcare is my duty, and I shall see to it that I "freely give" of my energy to heal the sick and communicate the word of God via my work. 'Leadership: current theories, research and future directions', Annual Review of Psychology, vol.

He refused but saw his friends either blacklisted or turn against the Hollywood and artistic hands that had 'fed'…… Heartfelt concern for human beings is a core Christian ideal.

[Read More] Crucible The film version of Arthur Miller's hit Broadway play of 1953 "The Crucible" was released in 1996. AID=/19961220/REVIEWS/612200302/1023 At the ripe old age of 81 Miller himself said, "The play is not reportage of any kind .... Retrieved June 25, 2010 from Major Schools of Economic Theory: In a Christian light, healthcare is not as controversial as it is made out to be in the American media.

Those three themes include that of social conformity; sexual repression; and religious rigidity.

Miller explores social conformity, sexual repression, and religious rigidity throughout The Crucible, to warn of the cyclical nature of history and the resistance to change that permeates American society.

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