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Even though the effects of individual MLs on dung beetle species have been previously studied, their results are difficult to compare because of the lack of a standardised and common methodological procedure.

Literature comparing IVM and MOX toxicological effects shows that test results reported in this study are approximately on the same order of magnitude as those determined by other studies.

Thus, from an environmental point of view, obtained LOEC values indicate that MOX, despite needing more time for its elimination in the faeces could be half as harmful to dung beetles as IVM.

Furthermore, a comparison of the toxic thresholds (IC, thus suggesting an increased environmental risk for dung beetles.

normalised response models allowed for the interpolation of concentrations of both VMPs that inhibited the antennal response in S.

cicatricosus adults by 50% (IC) (95% CV intervals), calculated from dose-response curves presented in Fig.

Sub-lethal effects, such as those measured in this study, could imply that mature beetles feeding on dung, even at low concentrations of IVM and MOX, may experience an acute toxicity that would prevent the performance of normal biological activities, such as food detection, intraspecific communication, locomotion and interaction with the environment.

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GABA-gated chloride ion channels are present in neurons and abundant in local interneurons and antennal lobes of insects receptors have been observed in olfactory sensory neurons in the male antenna of Heliothis virescens (F., 1777), initiating a GABA-mediated gain control mechanism that could play a pivotal role in processing pheromone signals Comparison of the chemical structure of ivermectin (IVM) and moxidectin (MOX).

In this study, the comparative effects of IVM and MOX on adult dung beetles were assessed for the first time examining both physiological sub-lethal symptoms and pre-lethal consequences after somatic paralysis.

Following the same methodological guidelines proposed previously, both the sensorial response of antennae (sub-lethal effect) and irreversible ataxia of somatic muscles (pre-lethal effect) were examined by exposing a model dung beetle species (Scarabaeus cicatricosus (Lucas, 1846); Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) to both IVM and MOX under different dose concentrations.

Among macrocyclic lactones (ML), ivermectin (IVM) and moxidectin (MOX) potentially affect all Ecdysozoan species, with dung beetles being particularly sensitive.

The comparative effects of IVM and MOX on adult dung beetles were assessed for the first time to determine both the physiological sub-lethal symptoms and pre-lethal consequences.

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