Beauty Thesis Statement

In fact, passive smoking brings a higher possibility of cancer and heart disease.So smoking in public should be prohibited as soon as possible.” Looks wise enough?These diseases can lead us to preventable and costly death.So all the Americans should stop consuming that.” “Passive smoking gives the same trouble to a person as smoking does.So you have to work really hard and smart to attract your readers towards your content.Once you get accustomed to the , checking out these few examples can help you come up with the best thesis statement for your project.Making your thesis statement crisp can be a great option for you to engage your readers.But what if your assignment is involving multiple facts and you have to showcase them through your thesis statement? For example: “Medical Marijuana has been approved to be supportive for the veterans who are victimized by the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Greeks had a very fascinating ideas of what beauty consisted of.

Here are a few ideas for you: Culture and Beauty: How Society Created Self-Hatred in African American Women The Ideal Beauty: How Society Depicted Black Women as Ugly During the Mid Century The Evolution of a Culture: How We Learned to Embrace the Beauty in Diversity You can access information through a Google Scholar search for supporting documentation.

Search for things related to African American women and society and/or beauty; the timeline and impact of American views on beauty; society and pressure on women to be beautiful, etc.

Though the movies turned out to be quite disappointing, the box office reports did not.

Yes, a thesis statement leaves the same effect on the reader’s mind as the movie trailers do.

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  1. While the public was entrained in the event the producers once again strategically placed ads in low points causing sway in public opinion on various items. The media also sends out some good messages such as be cool stay in school, anti-cigarette commercials that depict the health hazards and negative efforts on the family.