Beauty And The Beast Essay

, Condon described that character, the villain’s sycophantic sidekick Le Fou, as if his sexuality was a significant, foregrounded part of the plot, and as if it ultimately arrived at some major moment of truth: “He’s confused about what he wants.

And wherever its creators come up with fresh subplots or new character details, they tend to be poorly integrated, slapped erratically over the existing narrative like a half-assed coat of paint.

So the idea that Le Fou might not play out entirely as a villain is potentially intriguing — and certainly in keeping with Condon’s larger intentions for the character.

Bad enough for Disney’s first supposed openly gay character to be swishy, obsessive, and annoying without him also being an irredeemable villain.

This is meant to explain why the entire town is so obsessed with Belle being, as the opening song says, “very different from the rest of us” and “a beauty but a funny girl.” The idea of Belle trying to overcome institutionalized sexism in a provincial town is a pretty heady one.

But again, the film does nothing with it, apart from a single line from Belle, late in the film, complaining about how she doesn’t fit in with the locals.

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