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If they follow Jesus, men escape from the hard yoke of their own laws, and submit to the kindly yoke of Jesus Christ." (Bonhoeffer, xxxiii) Therefore, the significance of the Beatitudes in Christian life cannot be overlooked in any case and they are the real cost for discipleship in Christianity.Analyzing the significance of the Beatitudes to all the followers of Christ, it is essential to respond to the remarks by Glen Harold Stassen and David P.Loving and caring for a neighbor is so essential since with it everyone lives at peace with everyone. Mathew 5:3 to 15 Beatitudes: Introduction: According to this chapter Jesus sat on the mountain side, a crowd including his disciples had followed him to listen to his teachings, this is where Jesus taught them the beatitudes that are in the book of Mathew.Beatitudes also means blessings which shows the blessings that faithful Christians will get as reward.Still, there are circumstances or events that puzzle the human logic and render the most powerful thinking machines useless.

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The primary learning I had from this analysis is that a "Christian is (or should be) defined as one who humbles himself or herself and chooses to enter into discipleship, to follow Jesus' path, to build his or her life upon his teachings and his practices even at great cost, to pass those teachings and practices on to others, and thus to enjoy the unspeakable privilege of participating in the advance of God's reign." (Stassen and Gushee, 30)Secondly, it is important to realize that the true followers of Christ will be heavily blessed and Jesus addresses his disciples blessed.With them, he made sure that His teachings will carry on even when He has gone from the earth. Religions World Religions Everything Lives in God From the article, “Everything Lives in God”, everything concerning human being......always been challenging and inspiring Christians for many years.While gathering His Apostles, He was also gathering a public ministry which consisted of people who readily accepted His miracles and the doubtful who wanted to see more so they can believe in His works are the works of God and not of the Devil. For anyone who earnestly and piously considers the Sermon on the Mount, the way we read in the Bible according to the book of Mathew, he or she will find the perfect standards of the life of Christians.Specifically, the teachings and practices of Jesus - especially the largest block of his teachings, the Sermon on the Mount - are routinely ignored or misinterpreted..." (Stassen and Gushee, 11) Thus, Stassen and Gushee try to reclaim Christ for Christian ethics and moral life.To them, the Christian life consists of following Jesus and his teachings and they recover the Sermon on the Mount for Christian ethics. that condemns us and so prepares us to receive the 'gospel' of grace, Bonhoeffer came to see that the Sermon on the Mount was a charter for life lived by grace." (Gruchy, viii) Bonhoeffer connects obedient discipleship and justification by faith in his work and he demonstrates that following Christ is related to living by faith in Jesus.Fisher (2013) suggests that “that those who considered themselves superior were more at odds with God than those who were aware of their sins”, which means that whenever we realize ourselves, we stand more chances of increasing our inner happiness than when in sin. For instance, modern Christians have a tendency of projecting the beatitudes as a form of social reforms that lifts both the persecuted and the poor and emphasizing peace......Jesus and Kingdom of God The Sermon on the Mount is surely one of the focal points of the Gospels since Jesus Christ was able to articulate His teaching in full.These wonders and mysteries have been teaching human beings valuable wisdom that are useful to everyday living.Beatitude: going deeper The word “beatitude” comes from the Latin word “beatus” which means “blessed.” The.....healing people (Redford).Following Christ in the contemporary context specifically requires living a life of according to Christ's teachings and the basis of all these teachings are the Beatitudes.From the preliminary studies in relation to the Beatitudes, one may comprehend some essential factors which may be helpful in leading the modern life in the way of Christ.

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