Baz Luhrmann And Franco Zeffirelli Essay

Another major difference in the script is in the 1997 version.The nurse approaches Romeo to talk about the wedding arrangements and she isn’t harassed for looking like a huge ship with a sail but as an old lady.Neither of the film versions had Paris at the Capulet tomb when Romeo arrives there to look at Juliets body.They completely left him out of the ending which left out a lot of script.

Zeffirelli and Luhbrmann, both had the task of displaying the story of Romeo and Juliet in a cinematic form.That was one of the most important speeches in the whole script and film.Without it you didn’t get the whole affect of the power of potions and poisons.In the scene where Romeo is in Mantua, instead of having the Friar ride a horse to Mantua to give Romeo the letter, the Friar sends the letter UPS. Once because he was in his backyard hitting rocks and the other time because the UPS man was walking up to Romeos’ door when Romeo drove past him in the car.These two films had many differences but they had some things in common.While the Luhrmann version took place on Verona Beach.Both were good settings for the play because they both pointed out the ways of life in the time period that the director wanted to display the film.They both displayed their producers version of a classic play.These producers have made a production of a classic.Easing the viewer into the story as a spectator and nothing more.The music he chooses is classical, but calm and soothing.

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