Bangladesh Export Garment Paper Research

Other business friendly policy includes low duty on new equipment and machinery upgrades, financial incentive for use of local inputs and the creation of clothing and textile villages.Factors outside of Bangladesh include GSP (trade privileges) in Europe and the rising business opportunity of the Russian market, which is diversifying from China and Turkey to Bangladesh in search of value labour costs.

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There is a vast, skilled labour force and people in the poorest rural areas have flocked into urban spaces for work opportunities.

RCA indices have been calculated for various clothing product categories (under Harmonized System) up to four digit classification with the help of Balassa's relative measure for India and Bangladesh.

Tables have been prepared for India and Bangladesh, highlighting products having comparatively higher revealed comparative advantage.

The government supports the textile and garment trades with special export processing zones (EPZ), 8 designated areas where goods can be imported, manufactured and reshipped with a reduction in duties and minimal intervention by custom officials.

These are designed to make business easy, and to help attract foreign investors.

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