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Common sense goes a long way in protecting yourself from these sorts of scenarios.

A good teacher will think before acting, even in moments where emotions or stressors are running high.

However, education is just like any other profession.

There are those who work extremely hard at their craft getting better on a daily basis and there are those that are just simply there never striving to improve.

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All teachers should thoroughly prepare for any lesson before they teach it to make sure they understand what they are going to be teaching.Teachers will lose credibility with their students quickly if they do not know what they are teaching, thus making them ineffective. Teachers who lack organizational skills will be overwhelmed and, as a result, ineffective.Teachers who recognize a weakness in organization should seek help in improving in that area.Being a good classroom manager starts on day one by incorporating simple procedures and expectations and then following through on predetermined consequences when those procedures and expectations are compromised.Most states require teachers to pass a comprehensive series of assessments to obtain certification within a specific subject area. Some students can sit in a class and want to learn and engage with a good teacher or the class could be extremely boring because of a bad teacher. Bad Teacher Students have all experienced good and bad teachers.If the teacher is not engaging with the students then the students won’t be as eager to learn.One would hope that all teachers would strive to be excellent, effective educators.A good teacher doesn’t mind having a bad student in their class because they enjoy what they do so it’s not hard to make that one or two bad student(s) become engage in class.A bad teacher is the complete opposite of a good teacher.

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